Portable Water Pumps

6 HP Portable Water Pumps

Honda; truly the best in small engines direct mounted to an AMT aluminum pump & made in the USA. It is an excellent pump for sprinklers, drip irrigation, small guns, filling tanks, etc. Rain-Flo buys direct from the manufacturer, that is why we can sell at so low prices! Available in high volume – low pressure or high pressure – lower volume (see charts). Runs 2.5 hours on a tank of gas; approx. 12 hours with larger tank.

AMT Pumps With 6.5 HP Honda Engine With Oil Alert

Item # Description Price
2P5XHR 2″ Pressure Pump with roll cage $860.00
2S5XHR 2″ Trash Pump with roll cage $890.00
3S5XHR 3″ Trash Pump with roll cage $950.00

6 Gallon gas tank with quick removable coupler. Features a fuel level gauge, bolts on roll cage, runs approx. 12 hours on 6.5 HP Honda………$135.00

Using Sprinklers? When using the 2P5 pump for sprinklers it can run 2-30 small sprinklers or one bigger gun, Komet #163 or #8025 Senninger. These guns will cover approx. 1/3 acre per setting. One full tank of gas will do approx. 1″ water on 1/3 acre in approx. 2.5 hours.

9 HP Portable Water Pumps

Ideal for solid set irrigation, small to medium travelers, or drip irrigation. The self-priming Franklin Electric pump unit with 9 HP Honda engine is base-mounted with carrying handle and is a good choice for medium to high-pressure applications.

Description Price
Pump Model #NSGF-8H $1,925.00
Roll Cage #RC8 $110.00
12 Gal. Tank (w/quick connect & saddle) $195.00

Diesel Pump Units

9 HP Hatz diesel; electric start with AMT 2-stage high-pressure pump (shown to the left). 7 HP Hatz diesel with AMT pressure pump also available.

Description Price
#2P7XZR, 7 HP Hatz Diesel $4,375.00
#2MP13ZR, 13 HP Hatz Diesel $5,850.00

2 Stage High-Pressure Pump

  • *Cast aluminum construction with cast iron diffusers
  • *High-efficiency two-stage precision cast aluminum impellers
  • *Viton mechanical seal with silicon carbide and carbon faces
  • *Built-in flapper/check valve permits self-priming to 20’.
  • *Heavy duty steel roll frame included
  • *2” MPT inlet and outlet

Description Price
#2MP5HR – 5 HP Honda $1,300.00
#2MP9HR – 9 HP Honda $1,850.00
#2MP13HR – 13 HP Honda $2,375.00
#12GAS-9 – 12 Gal. tank w/ quick connect $195.00

16 HP Portable Water Pumps


Ideal for solid set irrigation, small to medium travelers, or drip irrigation. Features: Vanguard “V”-Twin 16 HP engine, overhead valve design for 20% less fuel, quality BERKELEY pump with priming check valve, priming pump, and tach hour meter. Comes complete with heavy duty roll cage, 12-gallon gas tank, throttle, recoil rope start and 12-volt electric start. Approximately .9-1.3 gallon gas per hour. Manufactured by Rain-Flo Irrigation.

Description Price
B1½TQMS 16HP Pump Price: $4,450.00

23 HP High-Pressure Pump


Honda GX690 23 HP Engine with electric start. AMT Aluminum Fire Pump; 2½ NPT Threads; Protek Hand Primer, 15 Gallon Stainless Fuel Tank. Includes Roll Cage.

Description Price
23 HP Honda Pump #23FP Price: $6,500.00