Mini Plastic Mulch Layer

Rain-Flo Equipment

Model #2400 Mini Layer Raised Bed Plastic Mulch Layer

Rain-Flo Model #2400
  • Features
  • Will lay 4' plastic with 58" row spacing
  • Adjustable bed height from 3" to 5"
  • Requires minimum 40-hp with 4-wheel drive
  • Water tank to adjust weight to match tractor size
  • Compact machine for high tunnels.
  • Adjustable tension brake on plastic roll carriers
  • Replaceable, reversible plow share
  • 3/8" & 1/2" UHMW poly lined bed press
  • Category I and II, 3-point hitch.

Raised Bed Plastic Mulch Layer
  • Options
  • Optional double or single drip applicator
  • Optional center fillers for heavy soils

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