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"Ro-Trak" is a self-steering device for the Model 2550 and 2600 raised bed plastic mulch layers. Ro-Trak electronically senses when the tractor slides sideways and hydraulically makes adjustments to minimize machine's drifting. Ro-Trak works especially well on hillsides and contours. (The most challenging mulch laying conditions) Ro-trak keeps the covering discs and press wheels accurately positioned on each side of the bed. Eliminating the problem of row to row adjustments and direction of travel. Ro-Trak is a compact hydraulic steering arm attached to the 3-point hitch that is activated by a sensor at the back of the
machine. Ro-trak controls the fish tailing of the mulch layer.

Options for Models 2550 & 2600 Plastic Mulch Layers

Ro-Trak Options
Stainless steel ground driven
fertilizer hopper, with gear box
Front view of fertilizer hopper Fumigating Attachment

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